Holy Ghost! to make a disco ruckus with Moonbeats & The Rabbit Hole


Leading us into the national public holiday this first week of August is disco duo Holy Ghost! from NYC.

Ya heard it, so brace yourself for nightlong boogie and boozing at The White Rabbit.

Over the course of eight years, Holy Ghost! have surged from being DFA Records’s rising sons to triple threats: indefatigable DJs, inventive musicians, and go-to producers recruited to remix. Trying to pin a specific sound to this musically adventurous group—whose dance-floor prowess frequently elicits the words “disco,” “synth,” and “pop”—would be a disservice to the sundry projects they take on. 

Hit play above and have a listen to their utterly addictive electroshenanigans; and share in our bewilderment when purchasing tickets in advance for only $25. You can also buy tickets at the door on 6th August for $35, but why wait?

More details on the Facebook page for this glorious night presented by Moonbeats Asia x The Rabbit Hole.


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