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COPE2, JUGGERNAUT at Inner State Gallery, 1xRun

Graffiti pioneer COPE2 had returned to Detroit to unleash a powerful new body of work titled JUGGERNAUT at Inner State Gallery. Here, the New York City-based graffiti legend showcased his many styles that have grown to epitomize the early 1980’s subway graffiti era and continued to become one of the most coveted art forms in contemporary art.


Twenty Five Years of XLarge

Established in 1991, the iconic LA streetwear label XLarge, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Their Singapore exhibition features one-off collaboration pieces with artists in the region, with each showcasing their re-interpretation of the classic OG logo through various media.

film & video

Kicks The Movie – SGIFF

Director-Screenwriter Justin Tipping debuts resoundingly with the story of a young boy marginalised even within his black community. Things start looking dramatically better when he swaps his raggedy sneakers out for the freshest kicks around.


Eyes On The Prize At #SoleSuperior2016

We could go on and on about the highlights, but none quite compare to the lucky draw that grows by epic measures each year. We’re talking > 70 prizes, collectively worth $20k.


TRASHOLD – A Custom Art + Fashion show

Tell Your Children + Contemptcreations present TRASHOLD, a custom show which combines the realms of art and fashion. We love that they’ve brought new life to discarded clothing – something we believe everyone should try out to reduce waste. Check it.