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Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride Singapore 2017

What do we think was Singapore’s highlight event of 2017? We’d say hands down The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Singapore 2017. Organised by the local Rollas crew and sponsored by Harley Davidson, it is part of a global – The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride movement. The photo essay itself makes you want to get your motorcycle license already.


The Cycle Guide – Cruisers & Randonneurs

Have you ever wondered what bike enthusiasts were on about when they talked about relaxed riding, balloon tyres and high-stemmed, moustache handlebars? That would be the Cruiser cycle. Yes we’ve all heard about Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Fixies. Assuming so, but notwithstanding, we’d like to add two cool bike types to your Cycle dictionary – namely The Cruiser and The Randonneur.