LIMPEH – SKL0’s First Solo Exhibition


The passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew earlier this year saw rippled emotions all throughout Singapore and beyond. Urban visual artist Sam Lo (better known as SKL0) got her hands busy translating mixed public reaction as well as personal sentiment into tangible visual art. Through these reflections, the artist explores the underlying currents of Singapore’s sociopolitical climate.


“Each piece was created at specific points over the course of his leadership and my learning process on Mr Lee, which serves as documentation on the people’s perception and intrigue of the myth of the man.” – Sam Lo, SKL0

Her debut solo exhibition supported by The Substation not only speaks SKL0’s mind – and perhaps on behalf of the masses; it also marks the close of her life’s chapter as former “Sticker Lady”.


The exhibition opens on the evening of 6th August, and runs from 7 to 22 August, from 12-8pm daily. Admission is free. Go revel in the numerous facets and consequences of LKY’s leadership highlighted, and load up on unmistakeable LIMPEH tees and sticker packs while at it.


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