[3B by Luke Chueh x Flabslab] Drink Boba, not Bubble, Tea.

Luke Chueh is an anomaly as an artist. He designs characters that become toys which become prints from hand painted artwork and he can sell out in 3 minutes of any of the above appearing on his website when they go on sale. Artwork of his own iconic white bear with multi dimensional layers (read: complexities of character) are near impossible to acquire.

Held on 21.11.14, Luke Chueh‘s 3B exhibition in collaboration with Flabslab in Singapore featured the iconic Star Wars character Boba Fett in a dark gray hood drinking boba (not bubble) tea.

Vaultmag for Luke Chueh 2

The 9.5″ resin sculpture was limited to 98 pieces made specially for the exhibition. Hand numbered prints were also available and then not quite quickly as well. His hand painted canvas boards were sold out even before the show opened to the public.

Vaultmag for Luke Chueh 5

The exhibition, realised while he was driving in California while on a visit to see his parents, darkly represents the West’s ideal of not having the East come in and change things. And if you want to know why, you’re going to have to ask Luke himself.

Vaultmag for Luke Chueh 6

Vaultmag for Luke Chueh 3

Vaultmag for Luke Chueh 4

All 98 pieces are sold out. Keep a lookout on for a 2nd edition run!





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