Jasper Ohlson, playing with the Big boys

There are plenty of kids out there jumping head first into the skate scene and many people know how to shred hard. Jasper Ohlson is one such dude, with the 16 year-old grom hitting up the gnarliest spots and riding with the bigger boys.

All images by Jake Grove, Wheelbase Magazine

Probably one of the youngest skaters to be professionally sponsored since 13 years of age, Jasper shreds it up down hills and in parks and bowls, while dabbling in street photography and art as well. While most skaters like to pursue and perfect themselves in one discipline, the Portland Oregon native prefers to balance out himself through all the different disciplines and rides everything in sight with style.

Jasper has battled it out at major open events with riders easily twice or even thrice his age, and yet managed to beat them at their game. He keeps it real with his humbleness and admits that while competing with the older riders can be intimidating, he likes the chill vibes while riding with them and holds a fun and lively atmosphere.

Jasper used to ride for Arbor skateboards, one of the bigger names out there in the long boarding industry making sound downhill decks and cruisers. He is now riding for Prism Skate Co, a newly founded skate company making decks that slay the hills and look good while they do, with their clean graphics and timeless swag. Jasper also rides for Caliber Truck Co., Blood Orange, and Muirskate.

Images by Jake Grove, Wheelbase Magazine


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