Girls who Shred- Amanda Powell

Which chick does killer shreds on a skateboard, and beats some boys by blazing down a hill at 50+mph?

Amanda Powell, that’s who.

Amanda has been skating for more than a decade now and is influential in the long boarding community for girls. She is also part of the Longboard Girls Crew and reps the name wherever she goes, helping bring together and empower girls from all over the globe, from as far as Europe to Israel, to join the skate community and have fun surfing the streets.

Image by Juan Rayos
The Longboard Girls Crew | Image by Juan Rayos

Read on here to find out more about the Longboard Girls Crew and why they do what they do.



Having dipped her feet into almost all the disciplines of skateboarding, she continues to spread the stoke, continually inspiring both boys and girls to keep shredding.


Recently, Amanda was showcased in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music video “Dark Necessities”, directed by Olivia Wilde. In it, Amanda alongside Carmen Sutra, Amanda Caloia and Noelle Mulligan strut their stuff and show the rest of us how it’s done.

A regular on the global skate and surf scene, she’s hard to miss when on a board, making splashes on the concrete waves – the Amanda Powell way.


All awesome images via Amanda Powell’s Instagram  and Facebook page.


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