Pasionae: l’art pour l’art

l’art pour l’art”

Primarily inspired by multi-cultural New York, Pasionae is a collection of wearable art which adopts the modern aesthetics and contemporary jewellery design. Created based on the concept of passion as described in ancient philosophy, the New York based jewellery line carries uniquely hand-crafted pieces that portray different passions through each design.

Using the raw, natural forms of precious stones and nature elements such as Emerald and wood, Pasionae experiments with alternative forms and shape to depict diversity, giving each accessory its own unique personality. Pasionae’s design balances the collection’s aesthetics and functionality to stay true to its concept of l’art pour l’art.

Tapping into the rich natural form, shape, texture and colour of the materials, each ring portrays a certain mood, and gives off a certain energy vibe, just like the different types of people in the streets of the Big Apple.  The bold and dramatic statement pieces not only claims the focal point of an outfit, but also makes a great conversation starter.

Pasionae is available online at www.pasionae.com.


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