why we love Zombie Boy

This is someone who goes all out. And respect to him for that.

And because of that, and despite of that, with him being true to form (some say, true to skin), he has managed to carve out a brilliant marketing campaign for a brand of concealer.

Oh so clever of the brand, Dermabland…so much so we wish we thought of it first.

Check out this Behind the Scenes video to find out interesting facts, like how he had never travelled prior to being ‘popularized’ by pop culture itself because… he couldn’t get a passport.



via: Inked Mag

Have a look at this commercial and you’ll know EXACTLY what we mean.


And while we’re at it, here’s the sneak peek on the Behind the Scenes of the commercial, which Dermablend has kindly put on Youtube for our…kind-of sneak peek. ENJOY!



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