Wheeltalk’s 10 top (sick!) fixie photos of 2011

what better way is there to start off 2012 by showing the best of 2011?

To start off with, we’d like to introduce to you one of our favourite fixie sites, .Founded by Matt Reyes from SF, California, his bio on his site states how he ‘got tired of pushing wood around the shitty city streets so I started saving up parts to build a bike of my own. I don’t have a car and rely on my bike entirely as my sole means of trans. Driving makes me aggravated, I enjoy the sense of freedom I have riding a bike.’

And that is why, like the rest of our categories on our site…it’s all about, and always will be about, the freedom and the freedom of expression. We’ve chosen this post to kickstart our categories on everything about bicycles…fixies, single speeds mostly…but we won’t diss anything other else which assimilates with coolness.

Courtesy of wheeltalkfixed, with images below by Matt and with his team consisting of Jeff Dempler (Gilroy, California), Scott Horton (San Jose, California) and Colin Cable (San Jose, California), check out his awesomely sick photos from their 2011 sessions.

All we’re saying is….we can’t wait for what 2012 has in store!

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