“Orishiki” is a hybrid word composed of “Ori ”, from Origami – the Japanese art of paper-folding; and “Shiki ” f rom Furoshiki, the traditional way Japanese use cloth to wrap and transport goods and gifts.

The brainchild of a humble creative genius, Naoki Kawamoto, “ORISHIKI” is the future of handbags. Combing intelligent handbag architecture, with a sleek, minimalistic design, Orishiki is a “new carrying device” consisting of a single piece of two-dimensional structure which is constructed by precisely angulared triangular segments that can be folded together (like Oragimi) to wrap things up (like the Furoshiki).

The product’s DNA lies in it’s unique geometric structure, which goes through a highly specialised production process to create one-of-a-kind futuristic pieces that is as function as it is fashionable. Creating  more than a fashion statement, the Orishiki will certainly be the conversational starter.

The triangular folds, joined by magnetic strips, create an intricate crystal-liked structure that gives each bag it’s signature shape. Once unfolded, the Orishiki’s insides are lined with a smooth silk interior to protect your valuables. It is easy to envision this on a small clutch, as how a box would look, but Naoki Kawamoto takes it to the next level to present the evolution of bags by creating suitcases, handbags and even backpacks of all size and shapes with the What’s fascinating is that it all unravels into a single sheet of  a hard faceted shell with a luxe silky smooth interior.

We’re on the hunt on where we can get our hands onto one of these, and keeping our fingers crossed it makes it to our shores. I am still blown away by how creativity can turn a single sheet of material into something so function with just folds.

Images taken from Naoki Kawamoto.com


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