Vapor Puppeteering Or The Amazing Technicolor Dreampool

Normally the last thing we would want to see at a pool is spray paint.

Ridiculous is one of a very few exceptional locations. Given that the illustrious Peter King purchased the property simply for the sake of turning one of the best clandestine backyard pools ever discovered into a sanctioned arena, it is no surprise that it has become much more.

A proving ground, a training facility, a photo location, and even an outdoor art gallery. To say that Ridiculous is anything but a creative atmosphere would be unjust.

D*Face now has the distinction of having performed 2 installations here, following his skulls project with this latest interactive work. The devices were theoretically simple in spite of their complex technological design. Utilizing special effects tools, D*Face was able to create remote-controlled spray units dispensing the fastest drying enamel paint known to man. Aerosolized pigments documenting motion, aggression, fluidity, control, and chaos simultaneously.

In a cheesier world, one might be inclined to label such work after Led Zeppelin’s “Physical Graffiti” but fortunately we are simply letting the pool speak for itself. Strokes of genius, really. D*Face’s passion for skateboarding, coupled with his creative wellspring. The photographic documentation puts it into proper perspective.

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