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Almost a week after the devastating 8.9 magnitude later raised to 9.0) earthquake and massive tsunami rocked Japan’s eastern coastline, the true extent of this massive natural disaster has continued to shock and awe people across the world. From the countless amateur videos of the earthquake, as it happened, to live updates broadcasted global news networks continuously, to chilling montages, like the one by Dan Chung (below) most of us can come no where close to imagining the trauma that the Japanese people currently going through.


Before and After satellite shots of the Japanese coastline, an interactive map here.



Yet, its time for us to come together and do whatever little we can in helping the Japanese people recover from this disaster, and the numerous after-effects of it. Donate to an international fund, start your own cause and host fundraising events… do what you can. Help Japan. Do it.


The Red Cross

GlobalGiving – Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund

Salvation Army

International Medical Corps

World Vision



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