Jack Purcell Popup in Rockstar

It’s not often that food, fashion and other crafts coincide at a single time and place – but that’s exactly what happened one hip Friday at Rockstar.

On 13 September, we were introduced to the Jack Purcell story of being a “Sneaker in a shoe world” when Converse unveiled its Jack Purcell popup corner in Rockstar by Soon Lee.

The popup features JP’s most recent Fall 2013 collection, and apart from the versatile leather and canvas wash versions of JP we’ve seen, we were particularly drawn to the pop of colour from a collab sneaker with Hudson’s Bay.

Habitat Coffee, which is no stranger to local coffee aficionados, also made an appearance at the event. By serving up aromatic cups of gourmet coffee, each sporting a frothy signature Jack Purcell smile in the form of latte art, their booth’s presence (and caffeine) further heightened the buzzy atmosphere.

Enter the mavericks behind Banwagon, who specialise in handcrafting leather goods such as these atypical totes and personalised notebooks given out to members of the media.

Craftsmen Lengfei Tok and Gareth Lee conscientiously stamped guest’s initials on the cover of the beautiful leather notebook covers.

Every revolution is birthed from an idea.

The launch was a display of Jack Purcell’s notion to be a purposeful individual exploring alternative paths. By converging these talents and passions to create a comprehensive experience all in one memorable afternoon, Rockstar has truly outdone itself in being a place where ideas come true.

The Jack Purcell popup in Rockstar by Soon Lee (Orchard 22 outlet) runs from 13 September to 4 October. So be sure to have a look at the different designs available, ranging from as low as $99.90 to $109.90.

If you’re looking to pump up your kicks, you’d be delighted to hear about ‘Upgrade Fridays’. For as long as the popup is running, customers wearing formal shoes can swing by any Friday to “upgrade” their footwear to a pair of JP sneakers with a 10% discount!

You can also stand a chance to take home a pair of Jack Purcells if flash your best JP smile, have your photo taken and pasted on the photo wall.

All the best!

Image via freshnessmag


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