THEM GIF JAM 2011 by them.sg – 2 days left to vote!

v.a.u.l.t is a real fan of them.sg, and are proud to call them friends.

Armed with a ground-breaking competition and exhibition called the Them Gif Jam – for all those less-initiated, GIFs stand for Graphics Interchange Format – which is a bitmap image format which supports up to 8 bits per pixel, thus allowing a single image to reference a palette of up to 256 distinct colors, chosen from the 24-bit RBG space. In a nutshell, GIFs = animations.

top 12 GIFs (as of date of post)

What the GIF Jam is, is a cool intermixing of artists and designers’ submissions, where they pit their one of a kind GIF creations against each other for a the grand prize and the title of ‘GREATEST GIF KNOWN TO MAN’, organized by them.sg and chosen by the highest number of votes, as well as their dope panel of judges at the event.

The theme?

GIF YOUR BIGGEST RED ADRENALINE RUSH! Ie: Create a GIF, with red as a main color, that shows what you think of when you hear the word Speed.

Vote now for your favourite GIF here!

v.a.u.l.t shows why and how the panel is just as dope as them.sg claims, and concurs.


1) Zul Andra
Why? He is Singapore’s culture phenom, and you can kiss his culture here.


2) Steve Elrick

Why? He must be quite the creative guy, given his portfolio…but what we like most is his own description of himself… one who is ‘Scarily…. involved in advertising and communications most of my adult working life.’ If you want to try to be his friend, his facebook profile link is here.


3) Chris Lee

Why? Check out the site of his company ASYLUM, part of a cross-disciplinary team encompassing a studio, retail arm, magazine and creative unit. We agree with them, they are a game-changer and duly have been. Check them out here, you won’t regret it.


4) Scott McClelland

Why? First google his name and you get someone who’s President of H.E. Butt Grocery Company’s Houston and Central Market Division. That’s NOT him. On the contrary, this Scott McClelland, together with his partner Emma Baker, set up http://www.supermarkart.com – A creative consultancy which believes in branding, just as v.a.u.l.t does.


5) Chris Ng

Why? We at v.a.u.l.t like kickers. So when Chris calls himself the shitkicker at IdN Magazine, there’s no reason not for us to believe him. So we do, and you should too.


6) Ian Stewart

Why? He’s a speaker at Music Matters 2012, and you’ll read more about his profile here. Plus, he must be quite a fan of Converse, and we quite like our Converses…very much so.


7) Jackson Tan

Why? Co-founder of :phunk studio, a contemporary art and design collective based in Singapore, he is also a Singaporean artist, designer and curator. With :phunk being locally synonymous with cool, you can definitely count on Jackson being synonymously cool.
Lilia Yip

Fashion, Art, Music, Film: UK-based Singaporean fashion designer Lilia Yip.

Soh Junhao

I craft things into beautiful and wonderful works of art, says Soh Junhao.


We like how them.sg fuses fashion with the THEM GIF JAM. And here we pick some of our favourites.



Al & Alicia

Here’s our top fave. Check out their online store here.





Feist Heist

Check Feist Heist here.

The THEM GIF JAM 2011 will be held on 7th December at Avalon, South Crystal Pavilion at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Be there!




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