The Lomo’ goes Instant on Kickstarter

If you had a dream that your Lomo went loco and started going all polaroid on you, you could be psychic.

Or just too slow.


The good people at Lomography have released a kickstarter project to do just that, and as expected, they are currently US$542,170 AHEAD of their $100,000 goal, with 5,181 backers and 24 days to go before this project closes.

Having smartly packed as many features into this device, like an advanced lens system, 3 shooting modes, unlimited multiple exposures and infinite long exposures, it appears to be the LOMO all-in-one.

I’m not a fan of using colour filters but they come in the form of ‘colour gels’ anyways.


Using Fujifilm Instax Mini Film and a mere 2 Step-Focusing, I bet Fujifilm is already grinning from ear to ear from the expected rise in sales from the early birds in November 2014.

As for the backers who pledged $5 – $10, that’s sweet 🙂 Especially if all you’re getting is a pack of Lomography FotoClips for creative photo displays! #whatwereyouthinking

That said, I’m probably 2 days away from pledging to get the WHITE edition Lomo’Instant Camera. HELP!

*Images and Video all via The Lomo’Instant Camera Kickstarter Project

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