the drums :: singapore :: 16 may 2011

The Brooklyn Trio – The Drums made their way onto our sunny little shores on the 16th of May. These lanky lads brought their indie pop swagger to a reasonable crowd at the intimate St James Powerhouse.

Energetic front man Jonathan Pierce, took the bopping crowd through an intense set filled with dancing, sweating and loads of cat calls. The skinny young man danced and jerked to the music in a manner that you would only in the privacy of your bedroom. His eye catching dance moves consisted of swinging the microphone, air drumming and a little hip thrusting. The crowd surged forward when Jonathan dipped his hands into the sea of fans and he even posed for a second or two for cameras that were right up in his face.

Lost in the fog and strobe lights were bassist Myles Matheny, guitarist Connor Hanwick, keyboardist Jacob Graham and drummer Chris Stein. The band kick started the night with ‘What You Were’ got the crowd jumping and screeching along to ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ and ‘I Need Fun In My Life’. They then proceeded to sum up the night with ‘Submarine’. Short but sweet no?

Clearly hungry for more, the small crowd chanted for an encore, and when that didn’t work, they broke into the chorus of ‘Down By The Water’- a song they didn’t play during their one-hour set. This got the band’s attention and they skipped on stage to play another 3 tracks including ‘Down By The Water’.
Power packed with fun and good music, we can only hope The Drums stick to their promise- “We’ll definitely come back to Singapore!”.

Big props to Chugg Entertainment for bringing them in!

* All images by Aloysius Lim


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