The Cajun Kings Familia (Part 3 of 4)

On how The Cajun Kings dared to be the first introduce the Cajun Seafood Boil concept into Singapore:

“We brought Cajun food out here because it was killing it in America, and we wanted to try it in Singapore because Singaporeans love seafood as well.”

On the source of their produce:

“We brought Dungeness Crab that’s from California all the way to Alaska & Canada, Maine Lobsters, etc…it’s all about quality here. Fresh, fresh produce.”

Welcome to Singapore:

“We make everything ourselves. When we first did it, it was all an experiment at first. I think we got it right. So far so good, cos we got freaking 5 copycats* now.”

*There have since been more copycats since the filming of this video.

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