Tap on your Sixth Sense with Miun and Leica


Ever so often, we refer to the Sixth Sense as the shudder-in-your-shoulder, petrifying extrasensory apparatus we know it as – but in conjunction with Leica, multimedia artist Miun begs to differ.


Her exhibition, Sixth Sense, held in Aliwal Arts Centre suggests that when an artist taps on his/her sixth sense, the possible ways in which one can interpret reality are endless.


Her belief was exemplified by a series of ten 2D-turned-3D works; and that is where the all-new Leica T comes in.


Miun translated each 2D acrylic printed image significantly captured with the Leica T into contents of a 25 by 25 cm square collage box that was 12cm deep. Exposed by glass on both sides, attendees got an all-rounded view into ten different collage boxes and more importantly, the inner workings of the handicrafter’s curious mind.


While some of the works looked deceivingly haphazard, upon close inspection, each element was intricately assembled and thoughtfully placed to match what made sense to Miun.


Of course, the night was further enhanced by the fulfilment of all five basic senses while appreciating Miun’s assemblage. Her favourite vinyl selection was spun by DJ Rage and Intriguant, and guests were treated to a semi-nostalgic spread of childhood snacks fused with “serious” cuisine from Miun’s hometown, Ipoh. Think buah keluak fries and Ipoh white coffee Potong popsicles.

food and music

Immersed in an entirely different world of clay figurines with high buns, coloured pencils and wire, it was impossible not to feel the urge to participate in creating as well. In a replica of Miun’s workshop area, guests were encouraged to transform specially designed invitation flyers into tiny collage boxes with the help of paint, clay and cloth set on a table teeming with personality.


All in all, Miun’s take on digital pixels to tangible objects made it a multisensory night to remember.

Miun is one of seven globally selected handcraft artists who carefully transfer digital images taken with Leica T Cameras into individual analog originals – read more about the #7Originals here. You can even get hold of an exclusive piece of art by one of the seven artists across the globe, with every purchase of the aluminium unibody Leica T.

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