SPORT B. PLUGGED 2011 Asian Music Festival :: Singapore :: 2 September 2011

SPORT B. is the diffusion line of agnès b, which was launched in France,1999. This concept made its foray into Asia in 2007 in Hong Kong and Taiwan and this month, in Singapore!

Making its debut will be SPORT B.’s Dino collection of T-shirts and accessories designed specially for the SPORT B. PLUGGED 2011 Asian Music Festival, with different colours each representing Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore.

Dino T-Shirts (Also available in black)

Dino I-Phone 4 Covers

Dino Guitar Picks

Also to look out for are 3 limited edition artist collaboration T-Shirts which will be available in all SPORT B. and and agnès b. stores in Singapore.

1.SPORT B. X Rozz

‘Rock and Roll is not dead!’ Especially to Rosalyn Lee, more affectionally known as Rozz, who co-hosts the 98.7fm radio morning show on weekdays. Inspired by The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ stage antics and the way he still rocks the stage, he is the epitome of it.

2.SPORT B. X Zouk

Zouk has reigned high on the ranks as Singapore’s world class club and institute circa 1991, pushing the boundaries of clubbing culture and evolving its very own definitive subculture. Here with SPORT B., they celebrate their 20th Anniversary in this SPORT B. X Zouk T-Shirt Collaboration.


With a following along the likes of Kobe Bryant, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, Singaporean Sneaker Artist Mark Ong of SBTG brings his attitude to the table, in this SPORT B. X SBTG T-Shirt Collaboration. By customizing a vintage denim vest print with his signature studs, chains, punk rock patches and badges, it reflects traces of him as artist/designer and his workspace.


As you can probably tell by now, Music is inculcated into the SPORTB. brand’s DNA! And there’s no better way to showcase it better than with an indoor live concert and music photography exhibition on 2 September 2011 at Zouk Club. 2 bands will be performing – Bear Culture and Monster Cat.

Bear Culture (Singapore)

Formed with 5 members united over a common love for using rock instrumentations with their influence range from Journey to Mastodon, as reflected in the eclectic concoctions that make their sound distinctive, deeply arresting, and on the edge of evolution in music.

Despite being a young entrant into the Singapore indie music scene, the band has already made rounds in the local circuit, playing at the Youth Olympics, Noise Singapore and SCAPE showcases. Look out for their debut album slated to be released later in 2011!

Bear Culture

Monster Cat (Singapore)

On their website, Monster Cat reveals that it takes its name from the ‘bakeneko’, a cat with supernatural abilities in Japanese folklore. The band is inspired by this sense of the supernatural, the fascinating ambiguity of this relationship between creature and owner, stricken with a nature that is gentle yet volatile.

Born out of frustration, Monster Cat is a reaction to a culture of shackling life templates and suffocating social expectations. An avalanche of questions, doubts and personal fears was the breeding ground for the band’s recently launched debut release, Mannequins.

This band is created by true individuals who create their own sound, and effectively so, we say.

Monster Cat

Even in the SPORT B. stores, music is a strong force which resonates!

1. It contains a music booth which plays Rock ‘n Roll and electric-music.

2. There is also a showcase of Agnès b.’s favourite movie posters and photos in stores, creating an underground music theme that brings out the essence of the designer’s love and passion for music.

Check out the new SPORT B. store already! Now at Wisma Atria, Singapore.



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