REDRUG by Mojoko X Alamak Projects

Just when you think you’ve got this art-rug-piece sorted out, take 2 steps back and look at it again.

Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’, this┬álatest creation from artist Mojoko of┬áKult Gallery & Alamak Projects is ‘REDRUG’.

This 100% wool handwoven carpet is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘The Shining’.

Mojoko is a huge fan of the movie and has combined two iconic elements of the film: the carpets which adorn the floors and walls of Overlook Hotel with the image of Jack turning insane. If you’re asking who Jack is, you really ought to be slapped & by this time go & a) rent the movie from video Ezy or b) buy it off itunes.

Created in a limited edition of 50 and released on 23/7 (another subtle reference to the movie), this must-have for Kubrick lovers is available for S$650 from Kult’s web store here.

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