REAL Skateboards x MisterTucks in Temple of Skate

An illustrator from Singapore, @mistertucks has a philosophy of Skate & Illustrate.

Quite simply, it means what it says.

From his studio’s website, he expresses, “I make art and enjoy skateboarding”.

His work is also said to be “influenced by vintage skateboard graphics of the late 80s, Low Brow art and Japanese art.”


For the less-initiated, you probably don’t even know that our local artists push boundaries to make shit happen, and Singapore (& Southeast Asia’s) skateboarding culture is legit.

Well, this collaboration between our very own, @mistertucks  with Real Skateboards proves it.

02-rs-mister-tucks-busenitz-highlight-desktop 05-rs-mister-tucks-ishod-highlight-desktop 06-rs-real-x-mister-tucks-busenitz-top-and-bottom 08-rs-real-x-mister-tucks-ishod-top-and-bottom-2 09-rs-real-x-mister-tucks-top-graphic

Do look to score his artwork from his online store, while they’re still there.

Thank you @mistertucks, for putting Singapore on the map. Amazing artwork and mad respect.


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