Puma’s new Faas Running Series & The World’s Fastest Band

Inspired by the amazing ability of Jamaica to produce great, fast runners, Puma recently released its new series of Faas running shoes, founded on the values of utilizing natural terrain and unique environments as a key aspect  of overall training. Taking a ‘less is more’ approach with it’s design, the Faas Running series strips most of the traditional reinforcements in creating an incredibly lightweight shoe with greater ‘feel’ and quicker response. With this minimalistic approach, the Puma Faas series brings you back into natural environment for a better running experience as you cruise across the land.






The Faas Running shoes come in three variations of cushioning, Faas 250, Faas 300 and Faas 500.











Kicking off the launch of the shoe, Puma also released a series of viral videos and commercials, highlighting the Jamaican origin of the shoe’s inspiration and it’s unique technology, with ‘The World’s Fastest Band’ and features the face of Puma Running (and probably the entire running community as well), the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt.


Source: Puma Running | Faas

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