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Away with Photoshop and the “everything digital” age. Feel some things are better left real and raw?

Invented by Alexander Tarusha’s from what he calls ‘laziness’. The Pencilbrush is gonna be your new best friend. This guy could’ve been a rocket scientist, but devoted 17 years to comics, tattoos and advertising. Now he’s back to the world of inventors. Thanks Alex, Welcome to Singapore!

So, load multiple normal mechanical pencil lead into the pencil-brush and go. By applying strengths at different angles, you get an array of strokes – easy. No more “Where’s my sharpener” or “crap, my hands are black from the smudging”. Awesome for you street trowlers on the go. Charcoal, Pastels, and a whole set of pencils no more. Definitely the thing of envy at all sketch-up and art jammin’ sessions.

For artists – You can put any type of lead – 0.3, 0.7, 0.9, coloured, non-coloured – whatever. It doesn’t matter. This tool responds to your pressure but it does not leave canals into the paper – doesn’t dig in. And hence it rubs off superbly easily without a trace.

Exhibitions and workshops in Singapore are coming up so stay tuned.


Pencilbrush – Classic Silver

Pencilbrush Inventor Alexander Tarusha

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