New Music To Usher in 2012.

So we’ve all probably seen one too many Top XX List of 2011 the past two weeks or so. While that has been fun, it’s probably time to move on and look ahead into what new awesome music we’re going to be looping in the next couple of months.

First up…

1) The XX

The English indie pop group became instant darlings of the critics, with their 2009 debut, xx. The album was awarded the Mercury Prize in 2010, and went on to top many music charts and lists. Who could blame them? Islands and Crystalised were insanely infectious and refreshing at the same time. The band recently dropped a demo of a new track called Open Eyes. If that song is a clue on how the upcoming album is going to sound like, we’ve definitely got a new chillax playlist to lounge to over Summer 2012!

The XX – Open Eyes

2) The Shins

In the early Noughties, this band was probably every indie kid’s hero, alongside Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse. Not to mention, their songs Caring Is Creepy (my personal favorite) and New Slang were prominently featured on the OST for Zach Braff’s movie Garden State. If you are wondering why the band has been rather inactive of late, it’s because lead vocalist James Mercer was busy forming another awesome new band Broken Bells, with Danger Mouse. Go check them out if you haven’t already heard. But anyhow, good news is, The Shins just sneaked out an audio of a new single Simple Song, from a forthcoming album Port of Morrow, to be released in March.

The Shins – Simple Song

3) Ingrid Michaelson

I’ll admit that while I usually prefer male singer-songwriters, Ingrid Michaelson is definitely an exception. Just go youtube live performances of her on the ukulele, and you’ll know why! Her initial exposure to the mainstream relied heavily on getting featured in TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hil, but she’s really come a long way since. Definitely want to get her new offering on vinyl! Check out her new single below.

Ingrid Michaelson – Ghost

4) Nada Surf

Hard to imagine that 90s band Nada Surf will soon be releasing their seventh studio album. Seems just like yesterday when their 1996 single Popular was well, popular. The band managed to maintain their appeal to the masses with songs like Inside of Love and their cover of OMD’s If You Leave, which was featured on The O.C’s soundtrack. Other than that, the band has been pretty quiet, especially in this part of the region. Which is quite a shame frankly. Have a listen to their new single When I Was Young, which I certainly hope will get to enjoy its fair share of airplay.

Nada Surf – When I Was Young

5) The Ting Tings

This duo needs no introduction. Whether you’ve ever admitted to liking them or not, you certainly can’t deny that you have found yourself shuffling your feet (or at least attempting to) along to their massively contagious hits before. 2008 was definitely their year, and i’m not too sure what took them so long, but they are back with Hang It Up from their new album. Be prepared to hear them all over the airwaves and in the clubs just about… now.

The Ting Tings – Hang It Up

Any other new tracks/albums we should be looking out for in the next few months?


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