New Kid On The Block: TGC

Dedicated to the aesthetics and honoring the skills of good craftsmanship,  the upcoming neighborhood of Jln Besar welcomes a new player  to the mix – Tyrwhitt General Company.

Essentially a platform for young emerging craftsmen and independent designers to showcase their wares via pop-ups, installations and workshops, the boutique and art space holds a slew of mini surprises littered all around. It is like a mini discovery trail of surprises, very much the same feeling we get when we walked into a candy story in our younger days. With change being the only constant in this day and age, it is no surprise that as a curator, TGC does the same in an intimate pop-up-styled environment.

Like most of the new boutiques around, the evolving space functions as an avenue for brands and designers to come together in collaboration. In addition, come February 2013, the purveyors of the traditional artisan movement will be organizing workshops where creatives can congregate to inspire one another other on their works, and to share their craft with the public.

In short, TGC is a hidden gem, with hidden gems inside. What better to spend your lazy afternoons wandering about and stumbling upon these tiny surprises?!


Tyrwhitt General Company
150A Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore, Singapore 207563

Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun: 11am – 7pm


Photos taken from TCG Facebook.

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