Net-a-Porter.com launches MrPorter.com | An Online Designer Retailer for Men

Designer online fashion retailer, Net-a-Porter.com, recently launched a ‘brother’ online retail site specifically targeted at providing high-end and cutting-edge designer labels and fashion brands for men. The online retailer would feature around 80 of the world’s iconic brands such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Turnbull & Asser and Balenciaga. Though the site has a limited amount of products, currently, we can expect it to grow exponentially in the coming seasons.

What is even more interesting is the editorial features that have been developed by the retail group for the site. With great features like ‘The Journal’, a ‘Style Directory’, the ‘Wardrobe Manager’, ‘Video Manuals’ and more, the site goes beyond the standard retail format, positioning itself as a lifestyle hub for the male consumer. Check out the site here!

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