Need a Bag? Find this Creature.

Looking for a big bag / a small bag, a man bag / a chick bag, one for commuting (or not) – here’s a piece of advice we have for you.

Seek out The Bag Creature. 

I was thrilled to find that one of my favourite surf/skate/snowboard brand Burton was finally brought in by Matthew Lu of The Bag Creature, and as you can see, my Burty backpack had started one of my adventures with me.

burton bag travels 2

It’ll be wise to get your urban luggage fix with T-Level, or perhaps embrace the bold prints of Ethnotek‘s Raja Packs that fit up to 17″ laptops.



If you’re going for a slim, sexy and sleek look, check out these unique Thread fabrics – the Vietnam 5 incorporating a hand-embroidered textile from the  Tai Lü tribes of Vietnam and the India 8, hand-loomed fabric from master weaver Vankar Shamji of Bhujodi-Gujarat, India.

Ethnotek Wayu Thread – Vietnam 5
Ethnotek Wayu Thread – India 8











Then of course, you have Gravis and Chrome to whet your appetite of commuter packs and more. Needless to say, you’d expect all the brands to cross over into each other’s mentioned categories at The Bag Creature…and that they have.

1525571_466617970106976_69633787_n 1959489_464344683667638_1173708452_n

Naturally, we just picked them out based on what we like from each brand and collection…so go suss out your own picks, at the store or online here.  

Psst. We can’t resist sneaking another 2 Everyday Backpacks by another favourite – Electric Visual. At $79 a piece, there’s no excuse.

Electric Everyday Backpack – Americana
Electric Everyday Backpack – Classic












The Bag Creature
Velocity@Novena #02-48
238 Thomson Road
Singapore, 307683

Find them on Facebook. 

*All images via The Bag Creature.


\V/ @justvicster on IG

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