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Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visells’ latest resin llama & Zebra sets need your home

2 of our favourite artists – Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell have just released two new resin sets to add to your designer toy collection.

Valigura’s Macrame Llama and Toadstool set ($90) features sparkled Llama with a non-too-amused toadstool pal.


Hand sculpted, cast and painted resin set. Clear with sparkles.
Limited edition of 25

 Then meet their cousins – Llama and Toadstool set with the toadstool definitely not pleased.


Valigura and Visell collaborate on the Zebra y Zebrito Burro  resin set – a zebra-wannabe at peace with her Zebra Burro.

Each are available now directly from Switcheroo at US$90 apiece.


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