Back for a second time at Laneway this year, we say “YEAH” to the guys from Yeasayer!

The psychedelic pop band, made up of Chris Keating, Anand Wilder and Ira Wolf Tuton is set to rock the stage this weekend with their catchy, lighthearted tunes. Having recently released their album, Fragrant World, in August last year, their hit single Longevity won the hearts of many with its slightly dreamy sounds. “reinvention and the use of technology will always be a part of their work,” says Anand Wilder, we’re definitely looking out for what they have in stored for us this time round. Yeasayer has certainly made exploring experimental music worth it as each track is a culmination of abstract unique sounds that leaves you glowing with gratification.

As Rolling Stone puts it, “Each Yeasayer record has been hookier than the last.” You know it!


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