Kult’s ridiculously rad “Sin City” Totes and Tees

You aren’t the only one who’s gotten a little queasy from in-yo-face Singaporean satire that’s overdone, especially in recent times. Singlish statements, vids gone viral for famous problems exclusive and only applicable to our Singaporean context. Those are hilarious, close to the heart, and probably would never not humor onlookers who share the sentiment. But such jokes can be rather short-lived.

So when we first saw this line of “Sin City” totes and tees which Kult came up with, we went a little berserk.
Available in a range of six different silkscreen print designs, each piece is a mash-up of familiar local street names with cult film classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Big Trouble in Little China, putting a local, humorous spin to them.


It’s rad. Here, let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Balestier Galactica, seriously? -grabby hands-

We expect these jokes to stick, just like the classics they are based on. Can you recognize them films?
Get your hands on the totes and tees, going for $25 and $35 respectively, at the online store or at the Kult Gallery.

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