If you have ever been on a skateboard, just watching the first 2 minutes will give you the due respect to the legend who is Jim Greco…and want to watch on. Out of pure, unadulterated admiration.

Skateboarding the way Greco does is skill, grit, determination and truly living Life on his on terms. Moral of the story? Quit griping about your job and pick the one you want you be in.

Find your way around it. #noexcuses.

Youtube Sypnosis & things:

“This new film from the mind and body of Jim Greco is more than just tricks, it’s a glimpse into the soul of one of skateboarding’s greatest ambassadors.

Enjoy the trip… Supra footwear presents a new film by Jim Greco, Jobs? Never!!

A Hammers USA films production with Tom Penny, Ludvig Håkansson, Bobby Miranda, Jud Farhat, Jim Greco and Kay Ko.

Photography by Joey Sinko and Tobin Yelland.

Production Coordinator – Mario Miller S 16mm & 35 mm film, Color 22 mins Jobs? Never!! © 2018

Premiered on Thrasher Magazine.


\V/ @justvicster on IG

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