Jeremy Geddes x Moon Crane Studio Sculptures – Wilderness & Fury 11

Before space-everything was cool, even as a Sci-Fi fan – Jeremy Geddes’ 2014 print Ascent was mind-blowing and eerily beautiful.

There is a unique spectrum of emotion I feel each time I look at his work – at times his cosmonaut felt alive yet still; solitary yet at peace; alone yet hopeful. Other times it felt like an acceptance of despair in today’s strange modern super connected universe.

It is this inherent beauty that exists in every Jeremy Geddes piece I have come across.

Ascent, Jeremy Geddes (2014)

I choose to see nuances of hope in his portrayal of solitude and utter silence – a simple message so crucial in this new norm of isolation amidst the current pandemic.

There is no perfect life. And Geddes’ work serves to remind me of so.

We are so excited that Geddes and Moon Crane Studio are in development for limited edition sculptures of two of his works, Fury 11 and Wilderness.

‘Wilderness’ Sculptures by Moon Press Studio

Details below.

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I'm thrilled to announce a collaboration with @mooncranepress to develop limited edition sculptures of two of my works, Fury 11 and Wilderness. I’m so happy with how they are coming together. We are trying to gauge interest in the different versions as this will determine the edition sizes. Please email to reserve and for further details: (Also note payment by installment is available, and due to the pandemic production will take a little longer than it normally would. Estimated shipping starts - 2nd Quarter 2021.) ——————————————- Details are: Wilderness: 15 Inches tall Resin Colorway: "White/Gold". "Black/Gold". "Silver" Resin Version: $550 + Shipping Bronze: $2700 + Shipping Fury 11: 12 inches Resin colorway: "White". "Black". "Silver" Resin: $399 + Shipping Bronze: $2500 + Shipping Prices are in USD. All sculptures will be hand painted/finished. Come with a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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Do email to reserve and help them better determine the edition sizes.

You don’t want to miss out on this one.

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