Introducing The Cajun Kings, Singapore (Part 1 of 4)

Established in 2012, The Cajun Kings is a Cajun seafood boil restaurant in Singapore.

An original local concept brought to Singapore by Melvin Chen, Andrei Soen and Marcus Kok, here’s an insight to the city’s favourite seafood boil restaurant.


[On Cajun Food] “It’s mixed with lots of different kinds of cuisines, from French to African to American and Southern. Nothing crazy, but all grub, good food” – Andrei

“Everything in the restaurant is a part of our lives. The Music we play is the music that we love. The Art on our walls is through the relationship we’ve built with people through our lives, and they’ve come back into our lives and having the privilege of having pieces of theirs on our walls, and it’s awesome.” – Melvin


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