Friday Radio’s Favourite 5 of Nov’11

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1) “Pretend” – The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble feat. Emika



The lifestyle of the odd and opulent gets their theme song with this track’s anxious beat and hauntingly resigned vocals. Unforgettable in both the song and the fact that the group’s name bears a resemblance to German brands that make men’s shavers.


2) “Sipping on sweet nectar (Bogdan Irkuk love nectar mix)” – Jens Lekman



You’re going to have to fight hard to not move to this one. So fun to listen to that it could go either of two ways: you’ll whip out those virgin moves that may keep you very single the whole night, or get unbelievably depressed on the dance floor for not spinning it first.


3) “Kashmir” – Led Zeppelin



If I ever were the music consultant for a crime investigation show and they needed a song for the scene where the main characters need to zip across the country in a helicopter to hunt down the perp, the first minute of this song will be top of my list.

4) “Midnight City” – M83



This song is hella epic. It’ll make the angels boogie.


5) “The distance” – Cake



If rap and rock were to have a one night stand and they accidently left it to be babysat by indie for an hour too long, this song would be it.


Bonus Track!


“Tell me (George Fitzgerald remix)” – Groove Theory



Lush beats, great vocals. This song travels well from the beach to the clubs -deliciously good to listen to every time.


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