Friday Radio’s Favourite 5 – Dec 2011


Looking to boost your playlist with new tracks?

Here’s what the musically-inclined at Friday Radio are liking in the holiday month.


1) Maceo Plex “Vibe Your Love”

Interpretive dance video aside, this track is pretty great to listen to on big speakers. Forgive the twitchy sound effects that crawl out occasionally and you’ll have a great pre-go-nuts-on-the-dancefloor song to lose your inhibitions to.



2) Nina Simone – “My baby just cares for me”

Tis the season to reflect on who loves you and why… and those people will make it to your “nice’ list.



3) The Temptations – “Get Ready

Back then: songs about the excitement before going on a date.

Now: songs about the excitement of getting laid while being on a date.



4) Goldfrapp – “Happiness”

Everyone should be this happy. This song and video help get us halfway there.




5) Obedient Wives Club – “This is it”

Fresh from our shores, this song reminds us to pick up our guitar/bass/drumsticks/piano and call our bandmates from 1997 and apologize for stealing their 100plus during band break and suggest jamming again soon to be as lovable as these guys.




Club Des Belugas – “Frankie”

A hurting man sings of his cheating wife but blames the guy she cheated with. Complications all wrapped in betrayal, beats and scat… painfully sexy.




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