Flabslab x Mojoko x Eric Foenander presents: Culture Crash

Quite aptly coined a ‘Cultural Collision’ – Culture Crash is a exhibition currently running at White Canvas Gallery at Tiong Bahru in Singapore, and will travel to Tokyo, Japan 26th March onwards.

Popular culture as we know it is ever so subjective, and v.a.u.l.t loves seeing how it has been all been merged into a mix of one-off pieces to a series of limited edition ceramics, artworks and prints. There’s just so much going on at once, and the best part is that it all fits. With the aim of showcasing the modernity and amalgamation of culture in Asia today, I totally can imagine an Asian At-At along our streets….and me wanting to buy one like a small child.

Presented by Flabslab Singapore, this collaboration between Mojoko and Eric Foenander – two rising stars of Singapore’s underground art scene explores the mind-bending results of ancient tradition colliding with cartoon culture – everything from Peranakan, Star Wars to Ming Dynasty action figures.

For the less-initiated but curious (and lazy) who would like to find out more about what Peranakan is, here’s the Wikipedia definition.  For a non-Wiki insight, check out the Peranakan Association Singapore website.

On opening night on 16th March, the exhibition also launched the very limited run of a smaller version of No One Can Save Us, the melting statue of Superman whose full glory first landed in front of the Singapore Arts Museum for the Future Proof art show 2012.

Thanks to Flabslab, here are some images from the exhibition’s launch. Our intention: to entice you to go down and check it out, of course! Hurry, you don’t have much time!

Also available are a very cool 6-tile set. Details as below. Don’t regret not getting one!


1. Total of 6 designs (R2, Emperor, Boba, At-At, Falcon and Deathstar). Each design is an edition of 100. Every single tile will be serialised and signed.
2. We’ll be selling limited sets of 6 tiles. This is possibly the only way to get all 6 tiles with matching serial numbers.
3. Half of the run of 600 tiles will be set aside for the next show in Tokyo, Japan.
4. Single tile: US$65/S$80, Set of 6 tiles: US$360/S$450
5. Postage if needed will be quoted and bearbrick shown is not included.
6. Tiles can also be collected in person from 16 March, 7pm onwards. All orders will start to ship week of 19 March.
7. To order or for more details, send us a message or email us at


Born in Iran, raised in Hong Kong, and now based in Singapore – Steve Lawler a.k.a. Mojoko is an unorthodox artist who expresses his thoughts through unconventional avenues. His works are largely centered on our daily dependencies on computers and technologies, which can be seen in Kult magazine, guerilla exhibitions, sculptures and fashion projects.


Eric Foenander is a full-time illustrator who has been illustrating, painting and doing all things art since he was a toddler. From his initial experience with oils and acrylic, he has developed into a digital artist whose creations are often seen in advertising and animation works.

White Canvas Gallery

78 Guan Chuan Street | Singapore 160078 | 11am – 7pm daily (until March 25 for the Culture Crash exhibition)


Image Source : FLABSLAB

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