Duck and Goose – Jackson Wells and Sam Galus

Every featured rider out there isn’t a lone rider. They’ve got their crews and their close bunch of friends that they skate and ride with. But one particular dynamic duo from Seattle, Washington, shine together in their discipline.

Still taken from “Duck chases a Goose – Furburger Raw, by Aero Media

Lo and behold, Jackson Wells and Sam Galus, nicknamed “Duck and Goose” respectively. The two young men have been representing freeriding and downhill in Seattle for a very long time, being Motion Board Shop ambassadors/team riders for many years now, as well as team riders for many of their local brands such as Omen Longboards, Free Wheel Co., Atlas Truck Co., Duck Pucks, the list goes on.

The two of them have been helping to grow the local community in Seattle, focusing on mostly freeriding and downhill longboarding. They also help out at the local board shop as mentioned before, Motion Boardshop. Be it product reviews, tutorials, or general skate films, these boys have gotten their hands down into it for a long time now. But just why are they so popular and good at what they do?

Jackson Wells has been blazing trails for a very long time with a fearless mindset and sketchy style. There are often times where you might see Jackson blasting a slide and it looks like he’s going to wipe out, but he manages to recover and ride away like the breeze. People have asked before, “Why do you always look like you’re going to fall?” Jackson replies that more often than not, he chooses to go down a hill whether or not he is confident because if you never try, you will never know, and the best way to improve yourself and learn is to actually try. If you bail, you learn. If you make it through, then you know where your level of riding is at.

Sam Galus on the other hand, has always had a very smooth style when rolling down the hills. He has a very calm look both on and off the hills. In a certain sense, Sam is the opposite of Jackson, which is why they compliment each other so well. Sam is the quieter of the two, but he can definitely hold his own on the hills, and then some. Busting out big slides at high speeds with so much ease and grace, its very hard for Sam to be irrelevant in the fast game.

Sam Galus. Photo for Skate Slate Magazine, by Jon Huey

The duo used to ride for the same brands together, Omen Longboards and Free Wheel Co., but Galus left the two brands this year to ride for Subsonic skateboards and Duck Pucks. The two of them are no doubt still an iconic pair, and will continue to shred for many years to come.

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