Converse Chuck Taylor II – You Can’t Please Everyone

A Converse Chuck Taylor remake has landed.


We don’t say the remake, because Chucks have been around since 1917 – and by now we would imagine few, if any, were expecting an update in its construction. Yes, we have seen the shoe come to life on countless collaborative occasions through strokes of artistic genius. The exterior has been loud, raw, plain and patterned over seasons.

But it’s been a long time coming. For a shoe that’s stood the test of utilitarianism for generations, this is monumental.

Here’s a rundown of what is new, and understandably odd to ardent wearers (by this we also mean wearing them out) of the original All Stars.


Borrowing the technology of Nike, her parent company, Converse adapted their signature sneaker to include a Lunarlon sockliner for superior full-foot cushioning and arch support. This, to us, is a step forward in so many ways. Having owned and surprisingly loved how Lunars feel, we know for fact that gone are the days of sore-sole sentiments shared by uncomplaining fans all over the world.

Perforated micro-suede was added to the collar and halfway down the shoe at a specific angle to prevent the upper from rolling over, slumping, and bunching up.

lunarchuck2The padded non-slip tongue is a “Hallelujah – how did they know/you mean I’m not the only one??”.

On top of all those changes, aesthetics have been tweaked to include unique white foxing, rubber toe-cap, monochrome matte eyelets and statement All Star patch, which has been fully embroidered. This is where the apprehension and anxiety arises, because all of these factors can add up to a frightfully different Chuck from the rugged classics we’re used to ditching pair after pair.

Chucks have taken their place as utterly robust and unpretentious. Classic has always been a better color on them than chic in this case, which is why there are so many off-putting traits we will miss alongside its unfazed simplicity. But ultimately, those minor tweaks are outweighed by the overdue ergonomic innovation contained in the Chuck Taylor II.

For the purist, this may be a step too far out of the comfort (or should we say discomfort) zone. For the irreverent, spontaneous yet honouring of its heritage, this news might be too good to be true. And just perhaps, those are the free spirits which Converse had intended to reach.

The new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II sneaker is now available at selected Converse retail stores in Capitol Piazza, ION, Ngee Ann City, NEX and Vivo City. It is also available at Limited Edt Vault and Surrender. Priced at SGD99.90 (ox) and SGD109.90 (hi-top), the collection will see a selection of colourways that include black, white, red and blue.

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