C/O Berlin | Anton Corbijn . Retrospective

“I was always looking for inner beauty and struggle.” Anton Corbijn

Clint Eastwood, Cannes 1994

Throughout his career, Anton Corbijn has managed to get close his subjects – not just physically, but in developing close relationships with artists and sustaining them over long periods of time.

He shoots outdoors and often the surroundings, minimal as they may be at times, play an important role in the final image.

Christy Turlington, Dublin 1993

Anton Corbijn’s pictures are moments of deep vulnerability and personal closeness: fleeting, multifaceted, and endlessly fascinating nuances of intimacy.

Nirvana, Seattle 1993

Corbijn’s work is both documentary and narrative, and it shares more with street photography in both process and impact than it does with classic portrait photography. Anton Corbijn playfully challenges the viewer to complete the picture. Through his deliberate rejection of glamour in both the formal structure and subject matter of his photographs, he celebrates the anti-pose and the anti-star.

The Rolling Stones, Toronto 1994

This deconstruction of the image proves in the end to be a new stylization and variant in the never-ending transformation of pop culture. Anton Corbijn delicately explores the ambivalences between image and authenticity, between staged scene and reality, between the subject of the photograph and the viewer.

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