CLOGTWO ‘The Visual Messenger’ at Wall Lords 2011

The Asian region has had a thriving graffiti scene. In the recent years, graffiti has taken an important role in the urban/street culture in Asia.

Wall Lords is here to showcase the best writers and crews from Asia.

Providing a platform for the Asian graffiti community to interact and exchange ideas through this competition. Crews and writers compete over the 3 main graffiti categories – theme pieces, throw ups and hand styles at the qualifying rounds. The best crew selected from each country will meet and compete at the Wall Lord Finals.

Wall Lord events symbolize the epitome of urban/street culture, with performances from live bands, rap groups, electronic musicians, DJs, breakdancers, skateboarders, freestylers, etc.

With growing attention and support from participants, media and sponsors, Wall Lords is set to expand its locations to almost every major city in Asia.



Fresh from the Wall Lords 2011, CLOGTWO, Eman Raharno & his ZNC crew, that consists of talented artist SLAC and ASNO, did Singapore proud in the recent prestigious competition held in Taiwan.

They were placed second among the top crews in Asia.

Along the canals of Singapore was where the love of graffiti started for Eman.
He was a young boy at that time.
To him, graffiti is the art of writing one’s name in different forms or styles.

His work leans towards organic forms, keeping the rendering and line work consistent with sensitive strokes. He conveys his messages or thoughts in a series of elements within a mural.

CLOGTWO believes that a paradigm shift in how society views graffiti must take place for a positive & creative scene to grow.

Check out his amazing work which is also for sale at


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