Chocolate Skateboards’ Modern Homes Series by Evan Hecox

Colorado-based artist Evan Hecox is known to depict the urban environment in his art, and we love his work!

A regular artist of choice for Chocolate Skateboards, this Modern Home series is perfect especially for all mid-century modern architecture and design fans.



Chocolate’s Pro Skaters featured in this series include the 8.25″ Jerry Hsu deck, Justin Eldridge’s 7.875″ deck, Chico Brenes’ in 8.125″ and Kenny Anderson in 8.0″.

chocolate-skateboards-kenny-anderson-2011 chocolate-skateboards-justin-eldridge-2008

choc_mod-home_chico choc_mod-home_anderson choc_mod-home_elridge choc_mod-home_hsu

Available on (Psst. We just checked – one’s already sold out.)

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