Brett Novak – independent film maker for skate films

Brett and Kilian snapping a quick one while filming ShortSided. Taken from Brett’s Instagram

Everyone loves to be in front of the lens. Especially those kids who are looking for sponsors and want to ride to fame and fortune. But behind every pro skater, there will always be the person holding the camera documenting them and putting their sick lines online. Brett Novak is one of such people, and damn does he do a fantastic job.

Brett Novak is an independent film maker who does skate feature short films, more often than not playing around with super slow motion edits as well as experimental films. Brett brings skate films to a whole new level with his insanely creative mind, camerawork, and editing. From urban jungles, your familiar skateparks, and even in abandoned water parks, Bretts’ work has brought him all over the States, Hawaii, Barcelona, and even to India to film his shorts.

(Brett chilling with Jason Park while filming an episode of ShortSided. Photo from Brett Novak’s Instagram)

Every film brings a familiar style and yet beholds something fresh in the edit that sparks your curiosity and holds your attention with a solid grip. Making use of slow motion, Novak mesmerises you with fluidity that people overlook in skating, mistaking it for pure brute force or savagery of the limbs. The music the he uses is not your typical shred hard headbanger track that everyone links skateboarding with. Somehow, Novak uses slow and simple tunes that melt together with the visuals like the cheese to your macaroni, and the end result is simply mind-blowing.

Our Chicago born and raised film maker brings in an unseen grace and precision to the naked eye in every film he shoots, and is also jam packed with angles that you would not have thought of. Skateboarding isn’t just a sport at this point, in Brett’s hands, skating becomes an art form in more ways than one. Of course, Brett himself is a skateboarder dabbling in freestyle skating, and still flips some tricks every now and then, sometimes for the camera. What better person to film a skater than another skater?

Brett has since started doing a short series called ShortSided on Youtube, which features a single skater showing off one trick that they own or are instantly recognized for. This series really displays the grace and form of skating, combined with slow motion and chill tracks, it’s a really good bite sized film to inspire your day.

Brett also has a Patreon page where you can support him and contribute to his efforts so that he can continue travelling to film his ShortSided films as well as other projects of his.

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