Playlists – we love them, share them, pre-game with them, party with them. Sad to say, the songs do run out after a while, and good playlists often needs maintenance. Music sites uniting electronic dance music lovers such as Soundcloud and Hypem have offered similar services, with live updates. However, you really don’t always get the best version of every track.

Music is universal, it should be accessible and easily shared. Particularly so with electronic dance music, or some mayb call it EDM. More often than not we think we may have found the right version to your the current hottest track, but somehow mid-way, we get disappointed when it has been cut, remixed or meddled with in some way.

The brains behind Belugabeats with a passion for EDM have created the perfect solution that promises to offer curated, ranked and only the best in EDM hits daily. The site hosts a playlist featuring the top 20 hits in EDM, and best of all, it is updated in real-time. These top 20 tracks are selected by the top shares, most played and curated

Belugabeats is rather similar to hypem, except that it features a “laser-like focus on EDM so we can go deeper into subgenres, our songs are entirely user-generated and our rankings update in real-time” as co-founder and EDM enthusiasts Ming puts it. The three talented gentlemen have come together in one love for EDM to create a platform which allows easy accessibility to great music, without the hassel of having to sample numerous tracks before hitting the right one.

Made up of Ming, his Harvard roommate Jeff and Z, a social media entrepreneur who heads up Blocmate and Opscotch, these guys have developed one of the best EDM discovery tools to date.

Try it, test it, love it. No more fussing over whose playlist is the best now!


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