Banksy plants Steve Jobs in a Syrian refugee camp in Calais

Anonymous street artist Banksy has released a latest body of work in the Calais refugee camp. ‘The son of a migrant from Syria’ on the website depicts the late Steve Jobs with a 1st-gen Mac in one hand, and a sack over his shoulder.

Bringing awareness to the Syrian refugee crisis, in true Banksy style, the messaging rightly draws attention to the lack of empathy the refugees are facing.

The Jungle Refugee Camp, Calais


The reference of Job’s Syrian lineage gained traction after a tweet by a tech entrepreneur went viral this September –  ‘A Syrian migrants’ child’ with a B&W portrait image of Jobs.

It highlighted a little known fact that Jobs was adopted and his biological father was a Syrian migrant into America. A detailed account of this by Macworld can be found here.

Banksy makes several other statements around the town.



We’re not all in the same boat


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