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Nike Tech-Packs a Punch this Fall

This fall, we’re mighty glad to be greeted with an update of the Nike Tech Fleece Collection. The world was first introduced this curious lightweight and breathable fabrication in 2013 – and because it has been engineered to keep the contemporary athlete warm, it’s most unlike how typical fleece feels to the touch.


New Balance 999 in “Cherry Blossom” Colourway

New Balance is back with a refreshing take on the 999 model. Available in soft pink and mint green, these versatile kicks resonate with the blooming of cherry blossoms in Korea and Japan. You can quite literally walk with a spring in your step with these sweet kicks, retailing at $169.


Kult’s ridiculously rad “Sin City” Totes and Tees

When we first saw this line of “Sin City” totes and tees which Kult came up with, we went a little berserk.
Available in a range of six different silkscreen print designs, each piece is a mash-up of familiar local street names with cult film classics like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Big Trouble in Little China, putting a local, humorous spin to them.

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Breaking to Bach

If the elitist in you cannot agree with bboys and their headspins, freezes and air flares, you might want to rethink your stance when Germany’s most popular breakdance crew Flying Steps and opera director Christoph Hagel step onshore with their breathtaking performance, Red Bull Flying Bach.