Annual All-girl DJ Bootcamp into its FFFourth Year

Since the DJ Bootcamp’s inception four years ago, the annual all-girl affair has gone through several revisions. A change in name, shifts in venue and of course, its lecturers and participants. But it is all part of being fresh, relevant and never too dogmatic about how it is run. After all, it’s led by felines.

Founded by cat-lovers and DJs Cherry Chan, Debbie Chia and Natalie Pixiedub, the Bootcamp aims to provide a safe and nurturing foundation for aspiring female electronic musicians. Former lecturers have included local stars such as Analog Girl, sonicbrat and Ko Flow as well as visiting guests Todd Omotani and TOKiMONSTA. This year’s international guest will be Jennifer Cardini, the first French and female musician signed onto the much-respected German Kompakt label.

True to its aim, the class atmosphere is always friendly, casual and non-intimidating. Students are exposed to a wide range of equipment, from turntable and mixers to midi controllers and laptops loaded with the latest software. Giggles punctuate the practice rooms amidst bass stabs and kick drums. Offering components of Lecture, Tutorial/Practical and Masterclass, the once-a-week class immerses students into both the shallow and deep end of electronic music for one month.

Topics include the basics of mixing by Zouk resident Jeremy Boon all the way to a production masterclass with veteran producer Jason Tan. Soft topics such as etiquette are also covered to ensure that graduates get a good understanding of the industry and what is expected of them if they choose to make music a career.

“It is important that the graduates end up as assets to the scene. Whether as future DJs, producers or educated supporters.”

Happily, the graduates even get to play at a gig by the end of the camp, which will be open to public. With friends, fellow classmates and supportive lecturers around when they play, it provides a positive first time experience for the girls to build on and grow.

“The first gig is always the hardest. And we help them get over it so they can move on to the next. The good thing about the camp is we place them in an immediate circle of like-minded people who can help them at any time along their journey.”

Starting out as a not-for-profit community service, the Bootcamp continues to be a platform for the local music community to come together in the spirit of education, regardless of genres, age or gender.

But why girls only?

“It wasn’t meant to be discriminatory or anything like that. It just so happens that we are girls and this is what we want to do.”

Applications are open from now till middle of September 2011.


FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp

Every Saturday

1, 8, 15, 22 October


1pm – 7pm

$400 upon successful application

Graduation Bash!

Thursday 27 October

Wine Bar, Zouk

7pm onwards


First 100 get a complimentary Heineken.

To apply, visit and click on the APPLY NOW tab.

More pictures of past bootcamps are available here.

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