And the countdown begins..

No, not to 2013. But to the greater things 2013 has installed.

Beginning with Laneway Festival on the 26th January. If you haven’t got your tickets, it’s about time before it all gets snatched up! And, here’s a good reason why you should:

The best part of enjoying music is exploring new sounds. It is about experiencing that special moment when you stumble upon a new tune and at that very moment, it hits you. You get that connection with that track and you feel every beat and every melody of it. It could be a completely new track, or an old one which births new meaning/interpretation. Nothing beats experiencing all of these LIVE.

With an amazing line up of both popular and upcoming acts, we are thankful for the great people at Laneway to make it all so much more accessible. Here’s one of our Laneway favourite we’ll be counting down to tonight!

Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks

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