All the world’s a [Art]stage











Artstage 2012

Marina Bay Sands

It was a feast for the senses as Singapore played host to a congregation of over 100 exhibitors from around the world.























































For years, Japan has always had the reputation for the wondrously strange and often studiously push the boundaries of modern decency.




























































































































































But this year, China was out in full force to steal the oddity crown.





















































Jakarta impressed us with pieces that combined science with musical instruments to create a kinetic art experience that was both fun and mesmerizing.



































































Looking around, there were some beautiful pieces that made our hearts wrench with lust and make plans to trade our first born for.
































































































Others would make you wonder about the people who would buy them and worry about whether their medicine cabinets were sufficiently stocked for the safety of society.





















But you can’t argue, there wasn’t a dull moment as you combed through the exhibition uncovering one surprise after another.
















































































































































































The West brought with them several classics and astounding pieces, but the clear focus here was Asia.












































































And if one had to take a break, there are shops that had cool and quirky things you can take home.



























So after walking about at Artstage, I’ll venture a try and share with you the recipe for creating your own art:

(1) You can’t go wrong with classics like:

a.     Flowers









































b.     Faces





































































































c. Colours






























































































d. Or politics.



















































(2) Try unexpected materials.









































(3) And try putting 2 completely random things together.




































(4) It doesn’t hurt to add sparkle






















































(5) Or exaggerate for effect.









































(6) Twist what’s familiar…





























































(7) Or explore your dark side.







































































(8) If all else fails, there’s always sex…









































(9) Or consumerism.





























































Happy Art-ing


































































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