adidas Originals x SPEZIAL | Sole Searching in South America – The New York ‘Carlos’ Sneaker

The Adidas Originals x SPEZIAL collection is an archive inspired range curated by adidas aficionado Gary Aspden. Not only is this 2-part video an incredible documentation, but it showcases how a brand can impact a man (Argentinian shopkeeper Carlos Ruiz) but more importantly, how a man can inspire a brand.

From an email tip off received by Gary Aspden titled “Only in Argentina”, he was told of a shop stacked high with these vintage blue boxes. 

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A trip was made to this quaint shop tucked in the suburbs of Bueno Aires in January 2014, a shopload of new old stock. Then, Carlos Luiz had his shop for 34 years. Now into 2016, it would be 36.

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His shop was closed for 2 days to allow the adidas crew to go through the treasures.

To hear notorious adidas collector Robert Brooks, say “some shoes you know, but some shoes you don’t know AT ALL”, you can be sure this vintage adidas collection basically must have felt like a NASA space expedition for them.

Have you heard of the Adidas Silverwind? Neither did we until we watched the 1st instalment. Here it is.

When asked if he considered himself a collector, his response rings honest and true.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.47.13 am
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When the original 2014 documentary was released, the next day Carlos had people lining up outside the store and the Argentinian press discovered his story. He became somewhat of an icon and the publicity allowed him to forge new, meaningful relationships.

All in all, Carlos’ accidental participation in Aspden’s research for the SPEZIAL range and exhibition and his love for the Adidas brand gave rise to a product he never imagined, but made possible by Aspden and his team.

Adidas created the New York SPZL ‘Carlos’ sneaker, in Argentina Blue no less, with his name and face on the shoe’s tongue.

New York is a vintage running shoe from the 1980s that were rediscovered in Carlos’s shop. As such, this is their tribute to him.


This look of pure joy on Carlo’s face when he was first presented with his namesake shoe says it all. This guy is an original influencer.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.57.53 am

Watch and revel.

Director - Greg Bond
Producer- Mike Chetcuti
Executive Producer - Gary Aspden
All images via the Adidas Originals Youtube Channel


\V/ @justvicster on IG

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