Adam and Adam – The Adam Duo

The longboard scene was very different 7-10 years ago. People barely knew of longboards and the technology used for it was very basic and minimal. The decks that most longboard companies produce these days have features that cater to every discipline in (and off) the book, and skate films were not a very big thing, neither were they very good. And then the Adam and Adam duo showed up and mixed it up a bit. Behold: Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski, ambassadors of Loaded Boards and Orangatang wheels, the two friends who brought about a major change in the longboard scene.

Adam Colton is known for being the funny man, the cheeky one in the crowd and brought laughs wherever he went. Colton also helped to revolutionise the longboard film scene with his experiments on improving the film quality and standard of videos when he shot videos for Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels. He was also one of the first few skaters who really made “Dancing” a thing, with his clean steps, swift movements, and a balance to be reckoned with. You’d think that maybe thats not a lot to take note of, that most skaters out there could pull of the same thing… until you find out he was stepping on a board more than 50 inches long and swinging it around like it was nothing. The amount of grace he pulled off tricks with wooden monsters of decks was definitely attention grabbing and even mesmerising.

Adam Stokowski was also fancy with his footwork, same as Colton, but had a distinctively different style. Stokowski dabbled more into freestyle than Colton did, pulling off old-school flip tricks with ease, while also pulling off balance based tricks with effortless style. Stokowski is a pretty tall fellow, so almost every board looks small under his feet, even more so when you see him flip it around as though it weighed like it was nothing. More often than not he’s also been the subject for many of Loaded and Orangatang’s videos, with Adam Colton behind the lens, especially earlier when longboarding was starting to pick up in popularity.

Adam Colton has now “semi-retired” from longboarding and taken up other activities such as paragliding and mountain biking, but he still does show up every once in a blue moon on a longboard, popping his head up and making some fancy moves on a deck. Stokowski is still active at the Loaded and Orangatang headquarters, not starring in and shooting videos as much, but he does more behind-the-scenes work these days. But both men are still happily shredding on boards, as they probably will forevermore.

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